The Clementine Dress Sew-a-Long Day 4


Day 4 of The Clementine Dress Sew-a-Long!
Time to hem the dress!
(Find The Clementine Dress pattern HERE!)
 Hem the Dress 
Fold the fabric of the hem over ½ inch (1.3cm) and then another ½ inch (1.3cm). Take care pinning before you stitch as the dress has a slightly curved hem. Stitch and press.

 Coming tomorrow...
Buttonholes and Buttons (or snaps) 

Find The Clementine Dress pattern HERE!
WIN – At the end of the sew-a-long we will be having a competition for those who have purchased and sewn up the pattern! Stay tuned for more details!
How to Join
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Feel free to post in-progress shots in addition to finished garments, and of course, be sure to tell us all about it so we can be inspired!


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