Fairy Toadstool Homes

Clementine recently turned 5 and we had a Pirate Fairy Party to Celebrate! 

For a craft activity we painted some jars to be Fairy toadstools and together the children all made a Fairy Home!

 Step 1: Paint Some Jar Lids

I gathered all the jars I had together...they once held my craft supplies but it was time they branched out!

We cleaned them and then started to paint them!

We did a layer of red paint, let it dry and then dotted the surface with white using the rubber end of the pencil!

They were very popular in the house...everyone wanted to get their hands on one!

Step 2: Trap Some Fairies

Step 3: Decorate Their Home

We got some fake grass, gold beads, pixie dust (glitter) and some pets for the fairies!

The girls had a great time putting them together and all got to take home a new little friend!

There were also some fun treats for the fairies and pirates to snack on:

Tea Cups

 Toadstool Cupcakes


  1. I love the jars. Im thinking I have a craft in our future

  2. Looks like a lovely time was had by all!


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