Barbie in Princess Power - Super Sparkle and Dark Sparkle Costumes


It's birthday time again!

This year the girls had a joint birthday party with the theme of 

From the outset they were both clear on who they wanted to be so it was easy! 

Amelie chose Super Sparkle and Clementine chose Dark Sparkle!

The costumes were pretty simple to make - I copied the ones from the film and draped it as I went. I used a large belt cut in half to make a little belt each and ordered some lightening bolts for their symbols!

I made them a felt mask each and a cape made with satin (and star applique!)

It wasn't long before their super powers sprang into action!

They had so much fun at their party and beyond!

I love watching their imaginations and creativity grow....they always have hundreds of ideas they want to incorporate into the designs!

Stay tuned for the second installment of birthday costumes tomorrow!


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