Give Me Liberty

The message is clear!

And is even more urgent now that Liberty have released an Alice in Wonderland range...seriously Liberty what are you doing to my wallet?

A lovely friend of mine traveled to New York and brought me back a lovely piece of Liberty a few years ago...and it has been waiting for this pattern to be turned into an awesome blouse!

The girls have given it their seal of approval and have begged for one each! They love the stitching and the buttons...and I'm sure the pink doesn't go astray!

Fabric: Liberty Tana Lawn Lucy Daisy in Pink - gifted to me from Alyce who traveled to Purl Soho!
Buttons: A random selection from my collection!


  1. love it ...... the matching hair is so cute!

  2. Everything you make is so lovely. I am almost done with a briar rose quilt inspired by the one you made for Nicole. Thank you for so much beauty and inspiration!


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