Fun with Rainbow Bands

You might have noticed Rainbows seem to seep into my work a lot...from dresses and quilts to my latest crochet blanket

So when Lincraft put out the call for testers I put up my hand for some Rainbow goodness!

We received a lovely Rainbow Bands Kit:

...and quickly set to work!

First we organised them into colour groups:

Then Amelie got started on the loom:

BAM...the first bracelet was done!

The came together quickly...and then these little elves really got to work:

Next we took it up a notch and tried some of the trickier patterns:

...which created this more layered band:

They just seemed to multiply...

So these little Christmas elves packaged up some Rainbow goodness for friends and family everywhere!

Have you been getting into the Christmas spirit?

Can you tell which little elves have been watching Home Alone in their Christmas viewing?

For more information on Rainbow Bands head over to Lincraft HERE!


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