Make It Count March - April 2013

In March and April we...

 Made a castle pinata for Amelie's birthday - using THIS tutorial!

 We won THIS giveaway from pottymouthmama...and had a fun afternoon putting it all together...I love the little hobbit holes!

 We smushed clay and faces together!

 We finger painted...aka made a HUGE mess!

 We went to the park to watch our friend play soccer!

 ...stole some ANZAC bikies...

 ...played imaginary soccer...

 and literally rolled around the floor laughing!

 We knocked off another couple of months...only two to go!

 Had some quiet ipad time...

...and some crazy Hula Hoop action

 We climbed a tree.

Enjoyed the in-between seasons.

 Worked hard in the studio at our stations.

 Amelie sewed her first dress!

...and had some more quiet ipad time!

We love this time of year...not too hot or cold...and we definitely spend more time out of doors till the sun goes down!


  1. Looks like you've all been having lots of fun! Thanks for the link to the pinata tutorial too - I have to try and make one for Saturday so this is very timely!! :)


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