In Love with Austen

Inspired by Valentine's Day and Jane Austen Regency dresses I created a soft and romantic look for the girls. To be honest I have been dying to make then little Austen dresses for years!

My original plan was to make them sheer with no lining but I found this great red lining that worked well with the lace for Amelie so I stuck with it!

Clementine's version is sheer from the waist and has a little ribbon waterfall!

Originally for this challenge I was going to steer clear of bright colours and keep the dress plain with some embroidery but then I found this amazing lace in my stash and had to use it!

Clementine's version is what the original lace looked like and Amelie's has been dyed red - the final shade being in-between pink and red.

I used a red velvet lace trim for the dress below and we made arrows with sticks and felt!

To create the dresses I used the Oliver and S Bubble Dress pattern and made the following changes:

* I added extra inches to the centre of the bodice to then regather it!

* I lengthened the dress to give it a long empire line.

* I eliminated the bubble!

I also added some heart buttons that the girls had selected on a fabric trip and have been dying to use!

The girls absolutely LOVE the dresses and have be dancing around as princesses and fairies to their hearts content!


  1. Very Fun! I love the simplicity and elegance.
    Great Job Momma!
    with love

  2. oh these are adorable but then the models are pretty amazing too!

  3. very pretty! I have never tried to dye lace, you'll have to let us know how that was. :)

  4. What sweet face cutie pies!! Such cute dresses! LOVE!

  5. Darling dresses!

  6. Beautiful dresses! Great job! We thought alike with the lace overlays :)

  7. You had me at "Jane Austen"....What a darling dress {and fun photo shoot}!

  8. Sweet dresses, and what darling little models you have! =)

  9. So cute! I love the remake of the pattern too.

  10. such sweet little girls in sweet dresses, and that bow and heart arrow is soooooo cute!

  11. I'm a huge Jane Austen fan ~ so cute :)

  12. What beautiful dress, they both look great!

  13. Those are just so sweet and adorable.


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