Inspired by The Hunger Games

Reading The Hunger Games last year rekindled love of the good old bow and arrow!

I screen printed my arrow fabric and then got down to creating:

I made these crossed arrows out of 4 different screen prints that didn't work out - so I salvaged what I could to create something new:

A nice new cushion cover!

This cushion cover was made with a set of crossed arrows and one stitched around where I made a boo boo!

I also made 2 more cushions with single arrows!

The girls checking out the new cushions!

And finally perhaps my favourite thing I made was this tote with crossed arrows:

I can't wait to take it on our UK and Paris adventure!

I thought I would also share my DIY bow and arrow necklace - made from a piece of lego!

I love it!

I can't wait to see The Hunger's released when we are overseas so I am hoping to pop to the cinema one night!


  1. I'm quite partial to arrows too... they look great :)

  2. Wow - the one where you made a boo-boo is my fav. I love you're necklace that is uber-cool. For some reason I can't talk my husband into going to see The Hunger Games at the movies with me, but I'm keen to start on the books


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