Make It Count - Glitter Calm Down Jar

I had seen a few variations of this jar on Pinterest and thought it would be brilliant to make because lets face it what parent doesn't need their child to calm down at least once a day?

Amelie I made it together combining water - purple glitter glue - blue food colouring - and some small bubble stickers!

When Amelie start to get a little nutty we have calm down jar time...and IT WORKS! Most of the time...I was pretty impressed as I thought it would be one of those things that works once and then the magic has worn off...but this little jar has helped us a lot!

Plus she really enjoyed making it...which added another fun element!

So from glum... 

Or a bit too much attitude...

To wonder....

 in one shake!

It's great to watch...after you shake it the little bubble stickers rise to the top as the glitter goes to the bottom!

Have you been getting up to any exciting projects? 

Pop a link in the comments if you want to play along!


  1. What a great idea... I will have to try this when little miss is a little older... Here's my latest project at home... cute new coffee table DIY.

  2. I've seen these on Pinterest too. Glad to hear that it works, I really should make one for my little guy.

  3. I remember borrowing a book that told this story and wondered if it would work IRL - looks like its doing wonders with your daughter - and what wonderful pics too x

  4. When we went to visit my daughter's future preschool, they had a couple of plastic bottles out. One had corn syrup and sequins in it, and the way the sequins float around in the corn syrup was wonderful. It's on my list to make. I just keep forgetting to buy the corn syrup!


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