Make It Count

The day began with Amelie dressing up in a 'chair costume'

We  moved onto making Rocky Cookies in our new (old) oven which has finally been replaced!

Amelie did a great job pouring in all the ingredients, stirring and even cracked her first egg!

Clementine hung around and got into a fun game of Peek-A-Boo while the cookies were in the oven!

Amelie loved them but Clementine took a lot of convincing to eat them...I still don't think she was sure about them! 

In the afternoon Amelie played with our Blythes. It took me ages to comb her hair from the mass of fuzz we found it in at the op shop!

I hope you had a great day...what did you get up to?


  1. Love seeing your gorgeous girls having a gorgeous day makes my heart sing. Thank You my day was perfect as always despite wasteing too much time looking for a photo of THAT puckered prize winning hem ... Oooo makes me so Eeee :~)


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