Strawberry Summer Dress

This is the third dress in my 'Summer of White' Amelie is modeling it in the sweltering Sydney summer...still looking adorable while sweaty!

I love the sleeves and the pleats! It took a few goes to get the strap-sleeves right....first I accidentally cut them too short...then I made them without the ruffle and then the third time I actually decided to do the right...which was good because I was quickly running out of white fabric! I totally blame the Sydney heat wave for frying my brain - thank goodness for the cool change this afternoon to restore it back to normal insanity levels!

Nice action shot of the quilt falling down onto Amelie!

Back shot...this is reversible and can have the buttons at the front as a feature but I prefer them at the back!

The stitching begins!

The completed model decided to have a LONG sleep this afternoon so there are no photos of her wearing it...hopefully tomorrow I can get a shot!

...and then there were three... (pre-stitching)


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