Blue Dress - Drafting a Kiki's dress

My daughter loves Kiki's Delivery Service and I am going to sew her a costume, just like the Ponyo one for Christmas. I drafted this pattern to test it out and was very happy with the result. It is a size 4 and is too big for her now but will be perfect to grow into and wear both summer and winter. I will make the final one in Black but I love this fabric sourced from the Salvation Army store in Cooma! The crochet ric rac comes from the giveaway I recently won!

I will be listing this one in the shop/s today (if the girls let me!)

They did! Good girls...
Now listed!! Here and Here


  1. what an awesome idea! looks great and how cute is amelie!

  2. Hi, which commercial pattern did you use, if I may know? I need to make one soon for the bookweek in two weeks time... Thanks for your help.

    1. The pattern is from 'Carefree Clothes for Girls'

      Thanks for popping in!


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