8 February 2010 Daily Inspiration


I actually have a beautiful workroom....all tidy with everything in it's place and a standing death threat to anyone who messes with it!
I love my fabric sorted by colours and in the little jars are all my trims colour coded. I just need to make some fabric tops for them! Also on the pinboard is my February to-do-list which I can now cross a couple of things off! YAH!

Long shot of my workroom

My desk with my many prints to hang up around the room! There are also my visual diaries to the left for me to complete!

My bookshelf which I had planned to colour code but it just didn't work out....not enough large and colourful bookspines! Plus the Frankies look so good together!

AND I made the rainbow pancakes....which look a terrible but I was still proud cause they tasted great and look so colourful!

While I was cleaning and folding all the fabrics Amelie had fun walking around in this fabric as a veil....I love the shot below, such a pity it is blurry but still beautiful!

I hope this has been an inspirational post for you...I am truly inspired to go home and get to work in my clean room and cross more things off my list


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