Wonderful Little Things

I have been in love with this series of fabric Ruby Star Rising from Melody Miller for Kokka....absolute love. I had it in mind for the girls' Oliver+S Birthday Party dresses...but could not in any universe afford to buy that much of it (yes I know it's only a yard and a half each)...so I jumped on the chance to enter a giveaway for her fabric and was OVER THE MOON when I won...though it is not enough for that pattern I am currently spending most of my time drooling over it and trying to decide what to make with it that would give credit to it's beauty!

Any ideas?? Something for the girls or something for me!??!! Something for the Shop??

What would you make with it?

AND just as good as winning a giveaway that you enter is winning one via. a friend who wins something they already own! This book is fantastic and has so so many little motifs that I cannot wait to get into it...strawberries, mermaids, stars - you know I am hooked!

In other news I did finally find a fabric to make the girls' Oliver+S Birthday dresses from...and I got to meet Saffron Craig who designed the beautiful fabric. She was having a Q+A at Peg's Pieces - a fabric shop not far from my house that on the recommendation of a good friend I have been meaning to check out. I was not going to go - probably because I am pretty shy and was too-ing and fro-ing all morning and in the end I went along...and I was SO glad I did...it was really interesting and to top it all off I got these beauties:

I particularly love the dandillion fabric as it is one of our favourite pastimes to blow them in our garden and watch them fly away...and I hope that when Amelie (and Clementine) grows up and sees the dress / photos she will remember it too!

This week I have also made the most adorable Apple Dumpling costume for Baby Clementine to wear at Amelie's Strawberry Shortcake party....but I have mislaid the applique apple that is to be stitched on the front...I have searched high and lo and so want to share the costume with you but I am holding out till it is 100% finished...so please let me know where my apple is? I know you've hidden it somewhere?


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