My first crochet blanket...

...this was my introduction to granny squares way back when.

Wow...over 8 months ago...for shame!

It has been sitting in my workroom ever since waiting patiently as other granny square blankets were pieced together and sent out in the world. But eventually it's time arrived and it was lovingly crocheted together. A reward for such patience was a lovely scalloped border...

welcome to the world little one...let the celebrations begin...


...the story of the dress HERE...


  1. i have started to learn how to crochet about 5 times now and each time i forget before i really get into it or get frustrated and give up! so frustrating!!

    your blanket looks gorgeous... i am very impressed :)

    kel x

  2. Thanks so much...that was me took complete boredom waiting for my second baby to see me persist enough to get the hang of it!

  3. Hi I was looking for a crochet edge when I came across your blog via Google images and what do you know it is just what I was looking for even though I didn't know it. Thank you for sharing this lovely blanket.


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