To Grandmother's House We Go

I recently took the girls on a trip to my Grandmother's house in Newcastle.
The house is full of beautiful vintage patterns...

...handmade beauties...we couldn't work out what should be inside the can behind the doll but my great-grandmother made this one...beautiful bonnet and all... great-grandmother also made many handstitched linens...

...including this Apron, made and stitched in 1932 when the Harbour Bridge was built...

There are also hidden games and colouring in sets from when I was a kid!

And some beautiful vintage crochet work by my Aunt which I couldn't resist laying out!

Here I am trying on my favourite hand stitched apron...

Hidden treasures in the linen cupboard...

...many many more beautiful handmade aprons.

I wonder if our furture generations will treasure our handiwork and share it with their children and grandchildren?


  1. So many beautiful things!
    I have some wonderful handmade items from my grandmother and they are cherished. She was an extraordinary crafter.

  2. That blanket is awesome!


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