Thank Your Lucky Stars

For the 600th Post Giveaway I decided to do something different than letting a random number generator pick the winner...

49 little numbered stars in a jar, in a bowl within a bowl.
I thought if I got Amelie to pour from the jar into the bowl..and then the bowl in the jar her skills and nature would eliminate the numbers...but I underestimated her ability (and the lack of wind), so every time all the numbers made it through!

Next I got her to transfer the numbers to the little bowl and leave three...

And then she took two away and we were left with a WINNER:

mom2girls said...

Oh my word you are tallented! my dancing daughter would just love this:The Red Ballet Shoes Summer of White Dress honestly I am not sure I would ever get it off her!


  1. Thank you so much A&A!
    I loved the idea with the pretty stars.
    (I just can't get over how cute your little one is!!)


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