Reversible Cape

Amelie having a play in the sand at our local hideaway - Oatley Park

Doing her 'ballerina' moves...girl's got style what can I say?

PS I love the splashes of red!

I am in love with capes and have been meaning to turn my hand at them for a while. I intended to make then as part of a winter range but they are so lightweight they can be worn in any season. I finished the first cape this weekend and I LOVE it! It is made with grey corduroy on one side and a floral poplin on the other. I have just listed it in my SHOP so if you are interested get in quick because it is a one-of-a-kind as I will be making each cape only once as they are onesize.


  1. It turned out so cute, and so fun! What's it like sewing corduroy?

    I used to go there with my family when I was the same size as your little one. I had the curly red hair too :)

  2. Thanks...the cord was really easy as it was pretty thin, just the same as sewing with cotton.

    I love that Oatley park is so close...we used to go there for parties as kids but I have only just started going back!

    Amelie loves the castle!


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