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Today my creative space it going to be on the road...but I am hoping to pop in some quality time at the end of the day with a little crochet rainbow blanket I have on the go....a mini version of the one HERE. But as I will be wrangling two little ones on my own road trip adventure it will really be they who decide...crochet or tantrums who will win?

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  1. I really hope crochet wins over the tantys.....

  2. Oh that is totally cool crochet!! I do car craft, my children do it too, yep, all 4 of them stitch away. Love Posie

  3. fingers crossed for crochet!
    Love the rainbow colours btw :-)

  4. Tantrums have won n any road trip we have taken, but at least you've got some crafting to save you at the end of it!


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