30th Birthday Scavanger Hunt

No. 13 A Family Dinner

...perhaps at Sizzler...

and so it was!

We headed there to Celebrate my Mum's birthday...look there is the cheese toast as proof:

It was alright...not as tasty as I had hoped...with the exception of the cheese toast which exceeded my expectations...but I was glad to go and re-live childhood memories of the salad bar...and see Amelie's eyes light up at the ice-cream machine as I am sure all of once did (and perhaps still do)

As part of my mum's present, I have this green tote bag with rainbow button embellishment:

It's fitted in well with what Amelie had promised her Grandma: "A Green Present"

Button Close Up

Amendments to the Hunt
I'm sure you didn't notice but I had aimed to finish my Scavanger Hunt on the 13th February...but aparently I have the ability to leap forward in time and it is now March...so I have decided to give myself till my 31st Birthday to complete it all.
I have also been waiting for someone to notice that I have left my age in the 'about me' box at 29...in a vain attempt to cling to my 20's for a little bit longer.
I like to think that you either think I must be 29 cause I look SO young....or that you are too poilte to say anything! Either way - Thanks!
So I now hang my head in shame and own up to my age - as if I were to wait till the hunt was over I would have missed 30 altogether and who knows it could be the best year yet!


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