Mini Rainbow Blanket Completed

On my mini trip away I did manage to finish my second rainbow blanket once the little ones were safely tucked away in bed...there were some tantrums but thankfully they both slept all the drive up and back....leaving me to sing my heart out!

I used a simple granny square border as seen above as I wanted to keep it square!

This time I put the rainbow on a diagonal to mix it up a bit! One day I hope to be brave enough to put my granny squares in a totally random pattern!

I really like it...a few of the squares are a bit bigger than the others but they all kind-of come together in the end!

Clementine seems pretty non-plussed with her new blanket.

But Amelie was quite happy to jump on...

'no baby Clementine it's mine'

'pfff' after being told that it is actually baby Clementine's...look here she comes!

Once back home Amelie may or may not have stolen it again for her little doll to be tucked into bed with...


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