Five Little Capes

I finished these capes this weekend. I wanted to go back to Oatley Park to photograph them but the weather has been pretty much constant rain...this was a brief break where we went into the backyard...and then got rained we were lucky to get a few shots done!

I love the top image with Amelie in red...but I think my favourite cape is the grey one...the lining is really nice...I wish I had gotten more of it!


  1. They are gorgeous, so is she!

  2. They are brilliant and so beautiful. How clever you are. I wish I could make thins like this. Were they difficult.
    She is very sweet.
    Tracy, from Romi and Bob.

  3. Thanks so much! The capes were very simple! I'm sure you can make them too!

  4. They're fabulous!
    The fabric and the cut are perfect!

  5. SO GORGEOUS!!!! Both the capes and the model.


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