Birthday Party Dresses

This weekend I made the Oliver+S Birthday Party Dresses for Amelie and Clementine for their upcoming celebrations. I used the Saffron Craig fabric I bought at Peg's Pieces a few weeks ago...

I have been in love with this pattern since I saw it at a quilt and craft fair 2 years ago when Amelie was a wee baby and Clementine was a dream...

This is Amelie's pink version...
...with a little umbrella button she picked out at the fabric shop...I would have prefered a white button but I love that she chose it - so it's special like that.

She loves the dress and we have put it away for the big day in April.

She also loved having her hair done and getting to wear 'lipstick' (a little gloss)

A little off the mark...

Clementine's yellow version with matching bloomers and covered button pins (which are for Amelie). With this version I kept the pleats basted as it will keep them neater with a crawling bub.

As you can see she was a much less willing model so we ended the session here.
I used 1m of fabric for each version and with Clementine's there was enough fabric left over for the bloomers which was exciting!
The pattern and the fabric work really well together and didn't take that long to make...I am just hoping to get some better photos on the big day in May!
Special thanks to Little Betty for supplying the pattern!


  1. Wow, more beauties, love them, they are so pretty with a lovely feel of vintage times gone by. Perfect.


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