The Rainbow Blanket

Completed - HURRAH!
My first ever granny squares blanket done...and as my husband so eloquently put it:
'you're officially a nanna now!'
I have been a nanna in training for a while now so it's nice that it's official....I feel like I need a badge or medal to mark the occasion.

After crocheting all the squares together (with the method: Face the squares right sides together...put the crochet hook through the top ridge (stitch) on each square...then pull a thread through and slip stitch...repeat) I had trouble finidng an edging pattern I liked. I ended up adapting this one from Attic 24 and taking out the middle round so that it sat closer to the main blanket.

Now Amelie has seen me making the blanket and knew it was for when I told her I had a present for her...I told her to close her eyes...


Devestated...she wanted an ice-cream...and in turn I was a little devestated myself...but I probably should have had better timing...a time when she wasn't begging for an ice-cream all morning!

But then she didn't like the idea I offered up of giving it to Clementine...and she did spend a lot of time with it on the couch...

All the better to poke my toes through...


  1. It looks great! I'll try that method next.

    I think I had that lego house too - did it have a little frying pan and stove?

  2. Yep there is a little kitchen in the back with an oven and a fridge and a little shelf for the cup!

  3. Oh yeah! That is fantastic.
    OK, now I have to try that also with my granny squares.

  4. This is beautiful!! What a lovely blanket and and gorgeous post!


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