Springform Buckets

Meet the fairy tale crew...

The Owl and The Pussycat - one of my favourites - now housing bibs!

Sleeping Beauty - waiting to house some little toys

Rapunzel - Amelie has already run off with her and filled her with her favourite Ponyo and Strawberry Shortcake figures!

Sleeping Beauty - Also in waiting to house some little toys - perhaps a little tea set!

Rapunzel - my other favourite one has been bagsed by me to live in my workoom!

ooo...aren't they pretty

ooo...yes they are...

...and so much fun to squish!

To make your own head over HERE to Badskirt...and keep your eye out for Spring Buckets - I know I will be looking out for more!


  1. love them all, especially the first two. i will keep an eye out round here for buckets...there are bound to be some with the amount of cheap shops here!


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