Sewn with Love - Baby Bubble

I bought this book with some birthday money I received for my 30th...I fell in love with the cover image and having no idea what was in store it was a bit of a gamble but when it arrived in the mail I was in love! It has a great range of classic vintage clothing for a great age range for both girls and boys! I love all the clothes and I know this book will grow with the girls (and boys if we ever have any) and they will wear many an outfit from within. I think what I love best is the use of patterns that are used for the Their Nibs clothing I can dress my girls in designer clothes I otherwise couldn't enough gushing you think I was being paid for this (I wish!).

The first project I spied was this Baby Bubble...and as you have seen I have already made a few (ahem) rompers from Clementine...but how could I not make this one?!?!

With that in mind I spotted this awesome fabric at Tessuti on I thought half a metre would be enough for a 6 month old romper eh?? So I took it home and then read that the pattern required almost 2 meters....hmm...not detered I was determined to make it with half a metre....but the many ruffles foiled me and it was not meant to be....but

Luckily earlier on the same day I decided to sew I had a little op shop run and finally had success with vintage pillow slips and a large vintage sheet....perfect for the romper (top fabric)...and the same day Little Betty released a pattern for an adorable ruffle sunsuit that requires just half a yard for the main fabric HURRAH I can still use the beautiful fabric!

So it took yesterday afternoon and a little bit of this morning to finish the suit...I love the reminds me of Liberty fabric...without the cost! It's soft and slightly faded in some parts which gives it a lovely vintage feel!

Amelie had been watching patiently (rare for her) and begged to wear it! She also requested one in red for herself!

I think it looks great on a two year old (size 6-9 months)...very 60's child...and am very tempted to make one for Amelie...though maybe in a size 1 as it was pretty tight getting it off!

Now on the intended bubba it is pretty darn cute too...and does seem that everything ends up in the mouth these we are moments away from a first tooth, the first corner is up!


  1. Glad you like the pattern. I actually drafted it know you and a few other friends with similar aged babies would use it!

  2. Good work! I don't know how you are finding the time...but I am glad cause I really wanted to use the fabric for something cute for Clementine!

  3. How do you like the "Sewn With Love" book? I'm trying to decide if it's worth a purchase. I love the clothes, but a lot of the recent Amazon reviews complain of very poor directions and some errors in the pattern pieces (specifically on the pin-tuck dress). What do you think?

  4. Hello, I love it, but saying that I have only made one item, the baby bubble. It was a while ago now but I think I might have had to re-sew a bit but all in all I love the designs and the book is chock full of goodness that I hope to use for many years! So if you don't mind having to re-do a bit here or there if the patterns aren't 100% I'd say go for it!


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