In Between Sewing Gigs

So during the latest day of clearing the garden...I finally got that feeling in my heart...that yearning to be sitting down at the sewing machine creating something...rather than in the garden pulling weeding and cutting bushes heart really isn't into that whole gardening thing*.
During this time we also visited some friends for tea (below)

and made a cake for a friend's birthday!
I have almost started again on the old sewing machine....fabrics are cut and laid out ready to watch out world here I come!

*I do dream of a beautiful fruit and vegie garden one day when I own my own house but that will be another - hopefully weed free adventure!


  1. I so want a garden~ two years in a row and I still can't get anything. This year we are trying a good old fashioned tilled in the ground in rows, garden. Keeping my fingers crossed!
    Can't wait to see what you're sewing up next..


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