30th Birthday Scavanger Hunt

No. 3 A Trip to Rose Valley

From the original post:
A destination near Cooma that is totally ordinary and unexciting except for the fact that I have never been there and every time I am in Cooma we plan to go but it never happens. I am sure something cosmic will happen if I ever actually make it there!

So I DID make it there - it ended up being a race at the last minute, the day before we headed home after Christmas...my father in law and I raced out to Rose Valley and caught it just as the light was leaving.
It was beautiful...a little cold....but add some warmth and a BBQ and you will have our next trip out there!
I even took home a Rose Valley rock (currently a door stop) and a lovely black Alice headband that someone left there for me!

Proof that I was there!

There was other photos of me there but they were too scary to publish!


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