Ruffle Sunsuit

I devoted Friday to making this Sunsuit for Clementine and it ended up taking all my little 'free' moments to sew it...I seemed to have shut off the sewing side of my brain...I sewed one of the ruffles on backwards and then I had to unpick it another 2 times because my sewing was a bit dodgy...but I powered on and finished the Sunsuit in the afternoon....leaving a bit of time to do a quick house tidy up! WOW!

I love the little suit and can't wait to pop it on Clementine again...I made it in the 6-12 Months size...taking 1/2 inch off each side so that she can wear it immediately...I also put the button a fair way up the straps to fit her now and I will move them if she has a growth spurt this summer...and she might even fit into it next summer too....though she does love her solids....check out those thighs...I love them...certainly her mother's daughter!

Yah...I finally got to use the cute fabric

I might have ironed the ruffles a little too much...but they pop when worn!


And of course Amelie had to have a try too...before I attached the buttons...shh....

Back view of longer staps....on an almost three year old!

edit: as I posted this I realised I didn't cross the straps over! I will readjust the buttons so it fits as a cross-over...grrrrr....I don't know where my head was/is might have something to do with the fact that this week Amelie killed my laptop with a soft much sadness!


  1. My gosh, I LOVE it!!! Your little girls are just so, soooooo adorable!

  2. Loving it big time. Super sweet that Amelie wanted to wear it too. I can understand why :)

  3. Oooohh laptop murder. I bet I know who the fave person of the household is this week! *note to self, hide laptop when Amelie visits* :P


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