In Between Sewing Gigs

This is what I have been doing...

Crocheting the Granny Squares together....I have found this to be an incredibly rewarding experience and have enjoyed kicking back on the couch watching movies while doing it! I also love to see it sitting in my workroom looking like a real blanket! Amelie's eyes also light up and she says 'you are making that for me' which is nice to see her excited too.

Baking a birthday cake and Rocky cookies

Doing a New Year clean out of my workroom and general clean up of the house as we are having an inspection next week (yuk!)

Yes that is CLEAN!! The pile of clothes on the floor is the mending pile I am getting is awesome to see the whole mirror...during the last few months the cubby roof has been piled with boxes and Christmas presents!

And look who had her first haircut EVER at age 2 3/4!
It's very cute but I will miss making plaits for a while!

Doing a HUGE clean up of the garden for the house inspection....reminder to house we live in is going to have a much more controllable garden...I still have blisters and a burnt back from this expereience (my shirt was not thick enough!)

Before (with my very helpful gardening mum to help out!)






I have also been cutting out patterns for when I am ready to dive back into sewing!

What have you been doing in your 'down' time?


  1. Wow - you've been busy!
    I've been just hanging on the couch working on my boy's crochet blanket... its getting there - slowly. Otherwise its been swimming, swimming, swimming - it is hot over here!

  2. Practicing my embroidery and reading mysteries.
    The womb weebles go back to school this week, and I am really looking forward to that!

  3. Tha blanket is looking good! What method are you using to join them? I really should finish mine - I'm so close but already on to the next thing!

  4. I got my method for joining from youtube but can't find the same one now!

    I face the squares right sides together...put the crochet hook through the top ridge (stitch) on each square...the pull a thread through and slip stitch...repeat

    Does that make sense???

  5. Yes that makes sense, thank you! xx


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