A Very Brown Owls Christmas

We had a lovely Christmas Party in December as you can see...

....not long after this photo we escaped to Lara's house as we were getting attacked by insects and the heat!

Below is the lovely gift I recieved in the present exchange...

...it has taken this long to post as I have been using everthing pictured...the enviro bag is used daily....the owl cookie cutter made many a gingerbread for Christmas...the vanilla has been used in cookies and cakes...the cards are too good to use and may be framed...the to do list is being saved for some lists I will be making soon...and the cross stitch is a work in progress...at lunch today I finished the words and just need to do the heart border!

Thank you so much Peta...I love it...and it has inspired me to start collecting things now for the 2011 Christmas Party!

This is going to be my next cross stitch...as a mother to two ginger babies, wife to one, daughter to another and friend to all my life is filled with these lovely folk!

If you are interested in crafting it up with our Brown Owls check out the details for our 2011 meetings HERE!


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