Floods and Democracy

Like many bloggers I find it very hard to find the right words to express my feeling of devestation for all the people who have lost loved ones and their homes in the Queensland floods. I can't even get through a news article or story before tearing up.

Currently I haven't got enough of a readership or quality product to auction off at this stage so I will be making my donation through my work (as they are doubling the contribution).

There have also been so many great relief funds and auctions out there in the blogging community so please check them out:

Official Appeal

My thought and prayers are also with the people of Brazil who have lost over 500 people in their own flood disaster. If you want to donate you can here:

And also importantly to my family, friends and the people of Tunisia (my father's homeland) as they live through the struggle to democracy. I hope that the riots and looting settle down and everyone can live safely!


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