Skirt to Dress Refashion

This skirt was one that had been on my mending pile for a while, almost as soon as I bought it the zipper died and I unpicked it and since it was an invisible zipper I was a little nervous about it and then ended up forgetting it...when I rediscovered it in my mending frenzy I realised that it's really not my style and was about to throw it on the toss pile when Amelie asked if she could try it on! We tried it on and then decided to make it into a little dress for her.
It was an incredibly easy re-fashion and I thought I would show you what I did incase you have the same delimma with worn, broken or skirts looking for a new life!

Original Skirt

1. Fit the skirt to the child as a dress and pin where you will need to cut (don't forget to add your chosen seam allowance). Here at the centre back I cut out an 8 inch rectangular panel.

2. Stitch the centre back seam leaving an 8 inch gap at the top for the buttons and button holes (I used a 1/2 inch seam allowance). Overlock if you desire and press the seam open.

3. Pin the straps in place. You can choose any style and palcement that you desire. I opted for a v-neck at the from and straight down at the back as you can see from later images. Sew front straps in place on the wrong side just below the top of the dress.

4. Sew button holes and attach buttons. I spaced mine approx. 2 inches apart and used the left over buttons from this dress. Buttons open above and closed below.

5. Try the garment on the child to check the length of the straps before you sew them to the back. Attach straps to the back wrong side just below the top of the dress.

Back View

And that's it! As easy as 1-2-3 (4-5) and an unused skirt gets a new lease of life as a beautiful dress:


  1. ..beautiful,what a nice idea, I can´t wait to make one for my sweatheart.

    Greetings from Germany (Nuernberg)

  2. Absolutely clever as well as gorgeous!!! A lethal dose? ;)

  3. So... now I need to find a skirt... really gorgeous!


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