Thrift Shop Finds

This week I tried some new op shops in an attempt to find some sheets for the vintage sheet swap take 2! I went to 2 different ones in Rockdale (Sydney), the first was pretty small but I got a couple of doilies cheap (which I have now lost?!?!) and a Snow White doll for Amelie.

In the second shop I hit the jackpot:

Three awesome vintage sheets for the swap! Time to get cutting!

We also found a Miffy doll for Amelie - her current obsession!

The adventure continued when we got back to the car (a fair hike from across the train tracks and down the road) Amelie let me know that she didn't have her Strawberry Hat. THIS ONE!

I almost lost it...but chucked everything in the car and headed back with the girls at top speed...I could not leave that hat behind! Luckily Amelie told me where she left it and she was right...tucked away in a box which I told her she could not buy was her hat!

On the plus side I got LOTS of extra exercise running like a crazy lady down the street!

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  1. wow, those sheets are a real find esp the orange one! Lucky with the hat too.

  2. that's great that you picked up the sheets for your swap. too funny about the hat, great your little one knew exactly where she left it tho. i remember walking around the mall looking for a favourite lost shoe once. arrgg!

  3. Lovely sheets! I found a nice one too!

  4. Great find on those sheets!


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