Thrift Shop Finds and Other Fabric Goodness!

I wasn't going to go op-shopping for a while but we went as a reward for braving the wild weather the other day to get to the post office!

We were rewarded with this beautiful tablecloth above - which I might make into a dress up wedding dress for Amelie!

Amelie found MANY things but mum would only let her get the glasses above!

A collection of red and purple goodies (the underwear was brand new!)

And a vintage bra (new!!!) and a baby swaddle for future babies (the girls lived in one like this)!

After thrifting this week we also had to hit the fabric shop:

Some tulle for a wedding dress and ballet skirt for Amelie

Fabric for capes!

And some fabric for a dress for Clementine (left) and something for me!

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I really appreciate the support from my family, friends and the blogging community!

More finds HERE!


  1. lots of pretty finds! As someone who was once in the biz of designing and making dress-ups for kids,it warms my heart to know that people still make dress-ups for their munchkins - for a while I thought all those trademark dress-ups were going to take over the world!

  2. That is some beautiful fabric. I love that you make clothes for your daughter,that's what my mum used to do!

    E :)

  3. What a brilliant selection of fabrics you've unearthed!! I'm sure the purplish floral will make Clementine a gorgeous dress! Quite keen on the Elton John-esque glasses too :-P

    Jem xXx


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