Make It Count

This week we made a castle from the craft box. With a princess, her mother and grandmother. They are made with ice cream sticks and dresses of scrap fabric...thankfully I have LOADS of that lying around!

During craft time we discovered a SURPRISE package on our front porch from a good friend - it was a pack of Strawberry Shortcake stickers! So we decorated the castle with some of them and now they live in our crafty box so you might see a bit of them in forthcoming craft projects!

Thanks Lara!

This is the face you get when you ask for a smile...beautiful!

The inner workings of the castle...with a mat for a bed!

The kids stayed in their pj's all day...with Amelie layering costumes over the top and Clementine needed a billion changes from it was kind of wasted!

Amelie sat in a tree for a bit...

...meanwhile Clementine found the castle and laid waste to it...luckily she was caught before destruction was total!

Amelie discovered the watering can and hours of entertainment watering the plants!

It's hard work being a princess!

Random cute baby top we got at Kmart for $ to have a little boy...although I think I will cave and you will see Clementine sporting it soon!

During the day I also went for a ride on the 2 weeks in a row! It was probably best I stayed out of the kitchen because when it came to dinner I literally burnt the's possible!

Join in and share a link to something you did this week to make it count!


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