Sewing in Progress

Friday - Saturday - Sunday

On Friday I went on a mega fabric shop (insert evil laughter here) - it was fun and exhausting with the girls but we all survived...with the help of my mum and the ikea kids playground!

I didn't get a chance to take a photo of the new fabric I bought because I had to cut into it and start sewing! It was a great time to go to Ikea with their new fabric much goodness! We also went to Reverse Garbage and came away with some goodies too!

Lastly we went to Spotlight where I spent quite a bit of money...why do they never have the sales when I need them!

After collapsing on Friday night I had a sewing marathon on Saturday and made 9 capes in one new record! Sunday was spent on some Ponyo costumes for an order and the markets!

With only 2 weeks to go I am getting into top gear with my sewing and this week I hope to sew lots of dresses and bloomers!

Below are some of the capes I finished...I LOVE all of them...the fox, the green birds, the Denise Schmidt fabric....AWESOME!

Meanwhile there have been lots of new dresses entered into the Linen and Lace awards - so to send a bit of crafty love my way today click on the 5th heart HERE!

Only a week to go (woohoo!)

I don't think I will ever tire of seeing my little label sewn onto garments!

Amelie current loves dressing up in a billion outfits a day which I love...However I do not love having to help her change a billion times a day...but somehow it's all worth it with great photos like these:


So that was my I need another one STAT!


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