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Today I am working on the orders I mentioned in my sewing plans the other day...and since I have no pictures I thought I would share some of our trip to the zoo on the weekend with our family!

We've wanted to go for ages and were lucky enough to get free passes on the weekend Andy's sister and kids came to visit!


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The Giraffe's are my favourite and below are some pics of Clementine and I - trying to get a shot like the one of me when I went to the zoo in kindergarten (I'm the one on the left with the St George Dragons bag!)

Some spotted deer above...and one of the crazy animals on the loose below!

The beautiful seal that you can see in the gift shop (see the toys in the reflection!)
And there is nothing better than ice cream to end the day (and coffee for the adults!)


  1. We love the zoo - it's the best family day out that I can think of. And we always end with an ice cream too (ESPECIALLY the grown ups!) x

  2. Love the zoo! Maybe it is time for us to take another visit, thanks for the inspiration! :)
    Kat xx

  3. What a gorgeous day out, I so love those spotted deer. How beautiful. Yay icecream!


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