Thrift Shop Finds

Amelie's finds above!

This week I went to the op-shop with one item to buy - pink wool - which they always have and I never need...but once there I found a great fabric haul - something my local op-shop NEVER was like a mirage...I couldn't believe it!

A package of pre-cut squares for $1...I was going to leave it but I saw the little strawberry square and I had to get it!

A pack of new Man Hankies for the husband and a pack of Ladies ones for me ($1 each) the ladies ones there are some beautiful hand embroidered ones - all brand new!

6 balls of black wool - the most expensive at $10 - but it is worth it as I always need black wool - and 2 balls of pink wool - the purpose of my hunt!

Meters of awesome fabric - $1 a meter (or two) - including red velvet and black cord!

The rest of the photos below are from one big packaged lot that was $3.50:

Hand embroidered napkins

Loads of great fabric, doilies, an invisible zipper, vintage collars, and an awesome Slovenian man!

Cool Hot Pink Fabric

A Cath Kidson Heart
Lots of plain coloured fabric

Hand embroidered (and new) place mats, doilies and napkins - simply beautiful!

Below are the rejects from the pack which I will be giving back:

A lot more than I was expecting but it was fantastic!

Now I have a huge stash for future projects!

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I really appreciate the support from my family, friends and the blogging community!

More finds HERE!


  1. Loads of beautiful fabric! I especially adore the children apple picking one.

  2. Wow what a find. Excellent material, loads of projects there. Fingers crossed for the comp!

  3. wow! you would have needed a big sack over your shoulder to carry that lot out!!! some lovely bits and bobs, I can never resist cordoroy either, no matter how small the piece!

  4. What fantatic fabric finds! Love the napkins.
    Liz & Shortbread & Ginger

  5. wow what a haul. LOVE the childrens fabric with the apple tree. Cute.

  6. You did find some fabulous linens. The embroidered hankies, napkins, placemats and doiles - great!

  7. WOW!!! What great finds!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  8. That farm scene fabric is just adorable!

  9. That is a fantastic load of treasure, you must have been stoked!!


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