Amelie and Atticus are off to MARKET!

Amelie and Atticus are off to our first markets ever!

I am very's not something I want to make a regular thing but Creative Lane looks like a great market adventure!

Now I am going to get into crazy sewing for markets mode...along with a run of capes for Shorties this week I am going to be a very busy little bee!

I will also be doing a tutorial during the day!

If you want to visit us at the Markets in Sydney the details are:

Sunday 11 September 2011
10am - 3pm
Marrickville Town Hall
330 Marrickville Road

I will also be hosting the St George and Sutherland Brown Owls at the booth if you want to come and craft it up too!


  1. That's fabulous, Tho! I hope it's a huge success and that you have stacks of fun! I wish I could come and craft it up with you, but we're having lunch that day with the new minister who'll be joining our church next year. Hopefully I'll be able to come to a meeting soon. I miss everyone!

  2. That sounds wonderful and I'm sure you'll be a hit as well as having a whale of a time!! :-)

    Jem xXx


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