Make It Count

Today we went to the Library for our once every three weeks visit...on the way home we had to just 'pop' to the post office to send a Ponyo on her way but when we got there we had no money we had to make a fun race home and race back with money! After that fun we decided we had earnt some treats from the bakery:

We set up the table outside for a lovely late morning tea...Amelie had already devoured most of her finger bun on the way home!

We discovered that an empty storage box from Ikea can provide hours of entertainment!

We made a flower vase out of a cardboard roll - folded at the end and taped up!

Amelie spent the afternoon watering the plants and playing with Clementine when she got up from her nap!

Don't they looked impressed to be in a photo with their mamma!

For exercise this week we ran around the backyard like nutters - the girls played really well together today and most exciting of all Clementine started walking today!

She has taken steps before but today she was walking all over the place - great work Clementine - I tried to capture it in a photo but she wasn't having any of that!

Apologies for last week that you couldn't see the links - I've fixed it up!

Join in and share a link to something you did this week to make it count!


  1. Oh well done Clementine... there's no looking back now :)


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