Stylish Dress Book - Dress E Review!

I broke out my Liberty 'Strawberry Thief' print for this is a close up as you can't really tell in the long shots!

The finished dress - front

And back!

The dress came together really quickly and was pretty simple - I was a bit worried about the lack of instructions but the diagrams were very easy to follow!

The only issue is the tent like quality that everyone comes give an idea...the first image is normal...above I am holding it in at the back and below I am holding it all the way out!

I kinda like the loose fit and think it will be great on a hot summer day...but I do also like the tighter look...hmm...maybe I will make another!

So all in all I LOVE it...such a luxury to use the liberty fabric! Now to get onto some more projects from the book!

Just a shot with Amelie because she wanted to model too! She is dressed up like Strawberry Shortcake (the modern one!)


  1. Love it! Will add it to my list.... my long, long list!


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