A Few More Rompers For Good Measure!

So I was feeling a little guilty for not having sew many handmade clothes for Clementine this Christmas but it's mostly because she got her Christmas Romper and Bubble Dress earlier than expected...and then there was the Failure Suit...so I whipped up a few more Sis Boom Rompers...but I swear I am going to take a break now and focus on some mini dresses and adult presents for Christmas...but without further ado...

This one was made on the advice of my husband who likes the girls in pale pastels...but apparently this still isn't pale enough! I love both of the prints..the pink one has faint white and pink trees that are beautiful!

Size 9 Months....simplest romper without ruffles!

Vintage Yellow Button

Black, Red and White....my favourite colour combination!

Size 6 Months with Ruffle Sleeves

Vintage Red Button

Another Red, Black and White Combo

Size 9 Months with Ruffle Sleeve


  1. Oh those rompers are so gorgeous! Best dressed baby wherever she goes!


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