Clementine's Bubble Dress

Clementine with her Godfather Paul at the wedding of her Uncle Arlen and new Aunty Caz

The dress was meant to be for Christmas but the dress I had lined up for the wedding was very summery so I had this one in waiting!

The dress was mainly hidden all day as it was chilly and rainy so I have included some mucking around shots taken between the wedding and reception:

Back view with buttons

Left - 6-12m size for Clementine in fabric from Little Betty's giveaway


  1. Gosh I love these photos! How happy does baby Clem look! and I love the Bella Boo bubble dress

  2. I am sure that dress looks lovely, but I got distracted by Clementines smile. Adorable!

  3. Clementine's smile is so gorgeous! I love the shots of you mucking around ... especially the top one. The entire photo is lit up with her smile. Marvellous.


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