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Watch these pieces of paper and fabric turn into two amazing Ga-linda costumes!

Just add many days, a tired mum and loads of motivation (yet to be found)!

Plus...I might have accidentally wandered into Addicted to Fabric in Canberra over the weekend (if by accident you mean drove there like a bat out of hell when I got a few spare moments with two overtired little girls) much amazing fabric and never enough money...Amelie picked out the Strawberries and the rest are mine!


  1. Look after yourself. Had to laugh that I bought the Echino rabbit fabric home in my bag today also.

  2. i love the choices of fabrics, especially the echino rabbit one! :)

  3. I think I might have to visit that shop next time I'm in Canberra!

  4. Ooohhhh. I love the strawberries - and the rest of it really. I wish I had known about the shop when I was there at the end of September! I will have to visit again... can't wait to see what you make.


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