The fear of cutting into a fabric lest you damage it's beauty.

Most sufferers like to spend time putting their fabric into embroidery hoops and admiring the result before packing away their fabric neatly into their stash.

There is no known cure, however sufferers seem quite content and relaxed as they gave upon their fabric, sometime even euphoric.


  1. I'm realise now that I should buy double the amount of fabric, so I can cut into half and admire the rest.
    I like the hoop idea as decorations for a child's room - if you can bear to cut the fabric that is!

  2. I hadn't thought of the hoop. I just like to touch the fabric, lay it next to other favourites - play with different combinations. Then I get my favourite craft books and magazines out and plan and scheme. I think I have a full blown case, is there any hope?

  3. Alas I suffered from the opposite condition this evening, whereby I was so excited to get sewing I made the dreaded mistake of a wrong cut! I should have gazed longer.

  4. So THAT'S~ what that is called....
    They do look really great.


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