Sis Boom Baby Romper

It was great to get back into sewing today and it was a delight to sew this Sis Boom Baby's a great pattern and I love the look of the ruffle and the fact that it is reversible! This one is for Clementine for Christmas (and to wear on the day too) is size 9 months to try and get maximum wear over the summer. Ah how I love it...the only slight annoyance is that the pattern in one inch off centre which I didn't even think about when I was cutting out! Terrible considering yesterdays post....definite scolding is needed! I didn't want to waste any fabric by cutting it lesson learnt!

Oooo...and I loved using looks all fancy like!

Thanks to Little Betty Designs for the pattern...check out her bonnets too...they are adorable!


  1. Love it !! Yes I'm procrastinating and should be doing homework...

  2. So stunning. It is awesome. 100% adorable... and your fabric choices - perfect!


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