So Today is my BIRTHDAY!

The Big 30
(insert screaming and an expresion of disbelief)

For my 30th there are so many things I wanted to do...but I decided to be a bit realistic to avoid disappointment...but still create a list of things I could get excited about and feel like I had done something special!

My aim is to have everything checked off by February 13th 2011 and create a photo collage as proof!

Last year when I first started drafting this list and some unreal things entered my mind:
1. Own a England and America
2. Travel through Europe with my husband
3. Live overseas and travel home to Australia once or twice a year

4. Run a successful photography gallery / studio operation

5. Have an outdoor studio for sewing and photography

The list goes on...but perhaps these shall be my goals for the next decade!

Without any further ado:

30 Things to Do For Your 30th
A Scavenger Hunt by Me

1. A Birthday Dress
I have 2 on the way from Modcloth so this list is already off to a good start

2. A Trip to the Zoo
We have been waiting for Amelie to be old enough to appreciate, she is getting there now!

3. A Trip to Rose Valley
A destination near Cooma that is totally ordinary and unexciting except for the fact that I have never been there and every time I am in Cooma we plan to go but it never happens. I am sure something cosmic will happen if I ever actually make it there!

4. A Photobooth Photo
I have heard there is a good black and white one in Broadway I’d love to check out, I love the old strips better than the new digital ones but if it comes to that I guess I can live with it!

5. A Pizza on the Beach from Elvis Pizza
I have gone past Jailhouse Rock Pizza at Birghton Beach for all my life and never been. I would love to grab a Pizza and eat it on the beach.

6. Go to a Chocolate Cafe
They have been around for a fair while now and I have had some take away hot chocolates from one near work but have never been to one myself...I thought it might be nice!

7. Have A Drink at the Superman Bar with Andy
So I LITERALLY work next to the bar they used in Superman Returns and walk past it every work day but have never managed to go in with hopefully one day my husband and I can go in for a drink!

8. A Piece of Art from My Sweet Heart
I am married to an amazingly talented I thought this would be a nice gift for my 30th!

9. A New DVD
I think I only had the final season of Lois and Clark on the list...pathetic for me!

10. A New Book 
Photography / Craft / Literature....anything really!

11. A New Game
Something fun...I realised that we don’t have many good board / cards games that I grew up Monopoly...which we had put away when we were kids cause my brother and I got too heated...I wonder where it is? Probably still away!

12. A Special Cake
Something sweet to eat!

13. A Trip to the Beach
I miss going to the beach....not that it happened a lot in my youth but it was nice...when you marry a redhead and have little redheaded babies the trips to the beach become non-existent...but once or twice a summer would be nice. I’d love to go down the coast for a family weekend away but it’s hard when you have a dog to find any pet friendly and affordable accommodation.

14. A Family Dinner
Perhaps at bring back those memories...of too much ice cream...and well too much everything...bring on the cheese toast!

15. A Games Night
Not sure when / what or how but I would love to go to / have one...any takers?

16. A Day in the Park with Friends
This has been booked in...but the rain might be a killer!

17. A Dinner in Newtown
This has been booked in....

18. A Visit to a Cemetery (but NOT for a funeral)
I find them very peaceful and would love to have a visit without the grief of a loved one’s death.

19. A Family Picnic in the Backyard
I had one with the girls a few weeks ago when there was a nice spring day but would love to have another one when the nice weather hits...and maybe even drag out the husband too!

20. An Awesome Handmade Cubby House
I am thinking sheets, chairs, sleeping bags and much fun

21. A New Haircut
This has kind of been completed as I had a trim but am thinking I might need something more fabulous to actually cross it off the list!

22. Send a Bunch of Cards / Letters Out to Random People I haven’t talked to in a While
Want one?

23. Go For a Bike Ride
A few years ago now my husband and father in law did up my bike for my birthday and it was fabulous...but since then being pregnant and then with little ones my riding has been restricted to the point where I haven’t ridden in about two years – so I want to get back out there and if I put it on this list I will do. The first step is pumping up the tyres...I have borrowed a pump so this is in the works!

24. Go to a Photography Exhibit in Person
I must say it has been a while with two little ones but I am placing the blame on the galleries that I love in Sydney being too hard to get to: by either parking or public’s always a train and a bus which is just not worth my sanity with two little ones...I will not be mentioning the galleries by name but you know who you are!

25. Start a Charm Collection
I have always wanted a little Charm collection and now Clementine has begun a collection I thought I might too...I love those old fashioned bracelets with figures.

26. Have a Huge Wardrobe Clean Out
This is long overdue as I need a cleanout and update all my clothes...I really need one of those wardrobe makeovers but I will settle for a clean out and tidy up (giving some love back to op shops) and then being much more selective in the clothes I buy in future to make a lovely collection of clothes. This will also involve getting rid of all my holey socks and clothes I have been keeping and mending till they are worn through!

27. Own some Heather Ross Mermaid Fabric and some Anna Marie Horner Fabric
I always leave things to the last minute and then bam fabric is ‘rare’ and overpriced! Happily though I picked up some Anna Marie Horner fabric at Addicted to Fabric in Canberra recently!

28. Have a BIG swing
You know the kind where you almost go right over

29. Go to the Markets
ANY markets!

30. Get a piece of Dragon Memorabilia
I was perhaps on a high from the Grand Final when I added this but it stands!

PS I have excluded love, health, happiness and children as I am already blessed with these and I pray that will continue for eternity!


  1. Happy birthday!! the big 30 - I think life gets better from 30.

    Your list is mighty long. It's a good think you have until Feb to achieve most of it and even better the top few wishes have an even longer lead time! I hope you enjoy your day! Maybe you can go to the beach????

  2. Happy birthday! Hope you have a happy day. Let me know how 30 is, I'll be there next year! xx

  3. Happy Birthday!
    I remember my 30th birthday {um, 13 years ago}. I stressed about it for like 8 months, and it ended up being the best birthday I ever had.
    Have fun!

    Enjoy your thirties... they've been good to me and I'm past half way through :)


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