Handmade Christmas Present Round Up

1. Clementine in the Failure Suit (Size 6 Months)

1. Christmas Skirt for Amelie

2. Oliver+S Bubble Dress for Amelie

3. Dress for Clementine

4. Oliver+S Bubble Dress for Clementine

1., 2., 3. and 4. Table Runners for Family

1. Dorothy's Ruby Slippers for Amelie
2. Zara softie for Clementine
3. Shoes for Clementine
4. Clem-en-Tine softie for Clementine

1., 3. and 4. Presents for Family
2. Gingerbread

Check out what it all looked like in the BEFORE picture HERE

I am glad the big sew-a-thon is over and I am ready for a well deserved break....but I still have things in mind for next year:

Spingform Buckets

A Pencil Case for Amelie

Finishing the Girls' Crochet Blankets

Begin the B'day Present Making for the Girls (April / May):

At this stage I want to make Amelie an Alice in Wonderland Costume and a Strawberry Shortcake Costume...and maybe a Ginger Snap one as that appears to be her favourite at the moment...

Apple and Strawberry Knitted Hats

Batman Knitted Hoods

I also want to make them both a 'Birthday Party Dress' from Oliver+S

And I want to create a new series of work for my shop...still mulling over ideas at the moment!


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