30th Birthday Scavanger Hunt

No. 27
Own some Heather Ross Mermaid Fabric
some Anna Maria Horner Fabric

WOW...look at all that amazing fabric above...I can hardly believe it is all mine now! Some of it I got on Etsy and the Blue Mermaids print was generously donated to the cause by Little Betty.

I cannot wait to get stuck into a project with this fabric but what to make that will best show this print off? Any suggestions?

My Far Far Away 2 Stash...I can't believe I have a 'stash' of it....very proud!

Anna Maria Horner Fabric...hopefully destined for another little something for Clementine...

A much smaller stash in comparison to the Heather Ross but I will hoepfully add to it!

Thank goodness for Birthday money....not many people I know give fabric as a present...so I was happy to go on a bit of a spree...but now it is time to take stock and sew!


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